Support for Renters

Rent Support Programs provide assistance to households in need to obtain and maintain affordable and suitable rental accommodation.  The programs provide rent subsidies in eligible rental projects.  Management and tenant selection is the responsibility of local housing management bodies, located in various areas throughout the province.  Applicants are prioritized on the basis of need (refer to 2017 Income Thresholds document), as determined by income, assets and current housing conditions.

  • Regular Rent Supplement:  Local housing management bodies pay private landlords a rent supplement to subsidize the difference between a negotiated market rent and 30 per cent of a household's adjusted income.
  • Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement:  A subsidy is paid directly to an eligible tenant to assist with rental costs, and is delivered by local housing management bodies.  The subsidy is based on the difference between 30 per cent of a household's income and an agreed upon market rent, to a maximum subsidy established by the housing management body.

For more information please call 780-422-0122 or click Find Housing to search for a housing provider in your area.