Making a claim for seniors' dental and optical benefits

When visiting a dental or optical office, present your Alberta personal health number and advise the service provider that you are a senior.

The service provider can confirm your coverage level and eligibility at the time of your appointment. You can also confirm your eligibility and coverage levels:

Dental service: Contact the Alberta Dental Service Corporation

Optical service: Contact Alberta Blue Cross

Dental or optical offices may bill directly for services provided to you. If your service provider accepts this method, you will only be required to pay amounts not covered by your plan.

If your service provider does not accept direct billing, you will have to pay your service provider directly and claim reimbursement by submitting a claim form.

Download the form from:

Your service provider must also complete a section of this form. You then mail in your form for reimbursement. Be sure to include your personal health number on your claim. Claims must be submitted within 12 months of an expense being incurred.

Program administration

The Ministry of Health has partnered with the Alberta Dental Service Corporation to administer dental claims and Alberta Blue Cross to administer optical claims. Each administrator provides information regarding procedures, answers questions regarding claims and issues payments to either the service provider or the senior if a reimbursement is required.