Eligibility for senior's dental and optical benefits

Seniors may be eligible to begin receiving dental and optical benefits:

  • On the day of your 65th birthday, or
  • If you are new to Alberta, after you have permanently resided in the province for three months, whichever is later.

Total household income will determine how much coverage you are eligible to receive.

NOTE: Spouses under 65 years of age or dependants are not eligible for assistance from the Dental and Optical Assistance for Seniors programs.

Dental and optical benefits for seniors are paid retroactive for up to 12 months from the date of the dental or optical service.

You are no longer eligible to receive benefits:

  • The day you leave Alberta to reside permanently in another province or country, or 
  • If you leave Alberta temporarily for longer than six months


Eligibility for the Dental and Optical Assistance for Seniors programs is determined using the prior year's total income (line 150 of the personal tax form) as reported to Canada Revenue Agency.

Income thresholds effective from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

Marital Status  Total Household Annual Income Dental Benefits  Optical Benefits 
Single Senior $0 to $27,300 100% (maximum coverage) Up to $230
  $27,301 to $31,675 99 to 10% (partial coverage) Up to $115
  Over $31,675 Not eligible Not eligible
Senior Couple $0 to $54,600 100% (maximum coverage)  Up to $230
  $54,601 to $63,350 99% to 10% (partial coverage) Up to $115
  Over $63,350 Not eligible Not eligible
  • Maximum coverage – There is a maximum amount of coverage for each dental procedure and a specific number of times you can receive assistance for some procedures. If you are eligible for the maximum amount, then you are eligible for up to the maximum coverage allowed under the schedule of dental procedures for eligible services.
  • Partial coverage – Minimum dental coverage of 10% increases to 99% as income decreases.

Canada Revenue Agency

Canada Revenue Agency can only release your income information with your signed authorization. If the authorization is not signed or is altered, the application cannot be processed.

When you authorize Canada Revenue Agency to release your information to us, you are only authorizing access to limited income information. They will only provide information relevant to verifying your eligibility and determining your benefits for programs under the Seniors Benefit Act. This income information cannot be used for any other purpose.