Optical services covered for seniors

Allowable optical expenses for seniors

The Optical Assistance for Seniors program will reimburse eligible seniors for prescription eyeglasses, including lenses and frames dispensed by a recognized optical provider up to the maximum amount based on your eligibility at the time of purchase.

Non-allowable optical expenses

The program does not cover the following optical expenses:

  • Contact lenses
  • Eye surgery
  • Eye exams
  • Accessories
  • Magnifying devices
  • Eye medication
  • Non-prescription sunglasses
  • Reading glasses not dispensed by optical provider

Frequency limitation

A senior may receive the maximum optical benefit once every 3 years. The 3-year period begins from the date of the first optical service that is funded.

  • If you do not use the maximum benefit, you can submit additional expenses before the 3-year period ends.

Special circumstances may be taken into consideration, for example, greater frequency resulting from eye surgery.

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