Aging Population Policy Framework

The Aging Population Policy Framework is designed to foster a coordinated and aligned approach across the Government of Alberta in developing policies, programs and services that meet the changing needs of an aging population.

The purpose of the Aging Population Policy Framework is to:

  • Identify the Government of Alberta’s role in meeting the needs of an aging population so that Albertans have the information and support they require to plan for their senior years;
  • Communicate the Alberta government’s key directions in preparing for an aging population, and its desired objectives in those areas;
  • Provide an overall context for the coordinated development of policies, programs, and services to meet the needs of an aging population;
  • Provide a framework to inform the allocation of resources so that programs and services are affordable to taxpayers on a sustained basis; and
  • Foster collaboration and integration among Alberta government ministries, the federal government, municipal governments and other community partners so that programs and services for the aging population are efficiently and effectively delivered to Albertans.

Guiding principles

In fulfilling its role in meeting the needs and priorities of an aging population, the Government of Alberta will act consistently with the following principles.

Alberta government policies, programs and services will be:

  • Fair and equitable to future generations
  • Aimed at encouraging the independence of Albertans
  • Proactive and flexible to changing circumstances
  • Aligned towards achieving outcomes
  • Affordable to taxpayers
  • Effective and efficient at achieving intended objectives
  • Structured to assist Albertans most in need
  • Informed by evidence and input
  • Collaborative with communities, and
  • Respectful of individual choice

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