Promoting Mature Workers


Older Albertans have a valuable role to play in the workforce. As the population ages, there are many opportunities for older Albertans to contribute to their communities through participation in the labour force. Mature workers can:

  • offset labour shortages
  • provide valuable contributions as mentors to younger workers
  • contribute as tax payers.

Note: While jurisdictions have a range of definitions, Seniors and Housing considers a mature worker as an individual in the labour market aged 55 and older.

Benefits and challenges

By working later, mature workers can benefit from:

  • a source of income
  • opportunities for ongoing learning
  • the ability to stay connected to a wider group of friends and colleagues

However, some mature workers face challenges to remaining employed, re-entering the labour force or delaying retirement. Challenges include:

  • addressing ageism in the workplace
  • lack of education and access to training
  • difficulty in finding and applying for jobs
  • lack of workplace accommodations related to health issues or work-life balance
  • deterrents or lack of incentives in the retirement income system

Helping mature workers succeed

The following report has been created by the Forum of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors. It highlights initiatives that can help address the challenges facing older workers and promote labour force participation.

The report breaks down the many ways to address the challenges experienced by some mature workers, including:

  • initiatives to raise awareness
  • financial incentives
  • health and safety initiatives
  • reviewing employment legislation
  • reviewing pension programs
  • skills development
  • workplace accommodations
  • employment services


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