Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program - Loan Calculator


In the loan calculator below, enter your current or estimated property tax and the number of years you want to defer it. The interest rate provided is the rate effective Apr. 1, 2019.

Note: Only simple interest is charged, not compound interest.

Loan calculator


The above deferral calculator is for demonstration purposes only and is not part of the application process. Any calculations generated do not represent approval of your application and the Government of Alberta is not bound by any calculations generated. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements as prescribed in the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Act and the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Regulation.

The interest rate is subject to change. The interest rate is determined semi-annually on April 1 and October 1, by the Minister of Seniors and Housing in conjunction with the Minister of Finance.

The Government of Alberta is not liable for any losses or damages arising from any errors or omissions in any information or calculations, or any action or decision made by the reader in reliance on any information or calculations generated by the deferral calculator.

This calculator uses the following assumptions: